During his years at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Mathieu Vroemen mastered the techniques of the graphical arts, like a.o. etching, copper engraving, wood- and linoleum cutting. He preferred to render an image by clear lines or in different shades of grey. In the Fifties, he obtained a scholarship for a study tour in Italy. During all of his further life, his passion and partiality to the graphical element characterized his work. He never went by an opportunity to acquaint himself with the work of fellow artists conversant in these techniques, irrespective whether they had already acquired world fame or belonged to his own direct circle. In that way, it gave him extraordinary much pleasure to observe and study the prints of Rembrandt and the landscape etchings of Hercules Seghers, Rembrandt’s contemporary and friend, of the Spanish 19th century artist Goya, as well as of the great masters of the 20th century like Picasso, Chagall, Raoul Dufy and David Hockney.

birth announcement Joris - etching / mother and child - etching

landscape - etching / woman on horse - etching

still live - etching aquatint

copy from old engraving - copper engraving

free copy to medieval engraving - copper engraving

female danser - copper engraving

stella maris - copper engraving

gloria in excelsis deo - copper engraving

twelve apostles - copper engraving

the twelve months - copper engraving

mother and child I - wood cut

mother and child II - wood cut

joris and the dragon - wood cut

communion card lucas - wood cut

biblical repesentation - wood cut / wood cut from 1957

two women - wood cut / russian story - wood cut

movement from the dark centre - linoleum cut

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