‘Tribute to Tonny van Bragt’

Taken from ‘Icon’

… The Icon is a gate: on its threshold we may catch a glimpse of what is concealed, and at the same time we ourselves are unveiled.
We cannot hide, the other world sees us. One experiences such a feeling by the work of Mathieu Vroemen too. That private rectangular space in which the same primeval form ever appears in tens of variations, does not remain closed to us. It opens up, and that means not only that we get a presentiment of how our world could look like at its best, but also that that world shows itself to us in all its majesticallity and authority. We look at something that watches us from afar, and winks, and waits. That revelation inspires one to respect.

Ton van der Stap

The size of each image of the "homages" is 29 x 42 cm; with the white frame included, it is 42,5 x 55 cm, equal for all paintings. They are works on paper. The color is applied in thin layers, layer after layer, untill the wished result is obtained. Each homage can be seen as an individual painting. However, since they are usually member of a series, it might be better to speak of several larger paintings. A characteristic of the homages is that they have a meditative aura wich will reveil itself to anybody whith an open mind. Mathieu made about 300 individual homages in the period from 1977 untill his death in 1988. Mathieu was inspired to making the homages by the dying of his best friend and colleague Tonny van Bragt, and as a tribute he dedicated these series of paintings to him.
text homage to tonny van bragt

paintings and drawings tonny van bragt

composition purple / white / yellow: series of 3

composition green / white / purple: series of 3

composition red / white / blue: series of 3

composition redpurple - green - bluepurple: series of 5

composition red / white / green: series of 3

composition grey orange / grey blue: series of 2

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